Manufactured (Modular) Homes – Undefined

We have written several blogs about the definition of modular homes and what they are. But we’d like to take some time to discuss what modular homes (also known as manufactured homes) are not! And because we build manufactured homes in Vienna, Alexandria, Arlington and everywhere in between, we have heard a lot of myths and half-truths about these types of homes. Let’s lay a few of those untrue stories to rest.

Modular Homes Are Not The Same Thing As Trailer Homes

It’s easy to see why some people think modular homes are synonymous with trailer homes, but this is simply not true. Modular homes have to adhere to high building standards. Trailer homes just have to be HUD certified.

Manufactured Homes Are As Safe As Stick-Built Homes

The myth here is that because manufactured homes are built in a factory, they are somehow less safe than traditionally constructed homes. But when a home is built in a factory, it is actually required to comply with higher building standards than a stick-built home.

Modular Homes Do Not Look Different Than Traditionally Built Homes

There is actually no way most people could look at your home and tell it is a modular home. And even if they could, modular homes are more environmentally friendly and a more responsible way to build. So there is no need to think modular homes are inferior in any way.


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