The Differences Between Prefab Homes and Mobile Homes

People often use “prefab homes” and “mobile homes” interchangeably but there are actually many differences between these two types of homes. We build prefab homes in Arlington and throughout the entire Northern Virginia area, so we wanted to set the record straight on the differences between prefab homes and mobile homes.

Prefab Homes

Prefab homes are homes that are built in a factory and then transported to a construction site. They must adhere to the same building codes as traditional stick-built homes. They are also financed by banks in the same way as traditionally built homes, and they must also be structurally approved by inspectors. Prefab homes can be customized to your own specifications, and they are incredibly sturdy and well built.

Prefab homes are also generally seen as more sturdy and energy efficient than almost any other type of home available today. They are sturdily built mostly to be able to withstand being transported to the construction site. The techniques used to build them are also generally more precise as well. Most of the time, there is no visible difference between a prefab home and a stick-built home.

Mobile Homes

Mobile homes are smaller and less sturdy than prefab homes. They are built to conform to Housing and Urban Development (HUD) standards only. And, while they are inspected, they do not have to be structurally approved by the inspector. These types of homes are never more than one story and they are rarely custom designed.

Mobile homes are transported to their site on a steel chassis that is not removed after the house arrives at the site. Usually, the mobile home owner will lease the property that the house is on. Mobile homes are usually pretty inexpensive and cannot be added on to either (in terms of building an addition).

The main difference between prefab homes and mobile homes is mobile homes do not have a foundation, but prefab homes do. Plus, prefab homes can be totally designed and customized by the buyer, which makes them an ideal choice for many families.

While both of these homes have their advantages, we think prefab homes are your best bet for a solid home that is totally customizable to suit you and your family’s wants and needs.

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