Why Opt for Modular Construction?

Are you thinking of completing an addition at your home? There are many avenues you could pursue to have one built. One of the best options is modular construction. Arlington VA residents and residents around the state have already experienced the benefits of a modular home addition. Let’s cover why you should opt for modular construction over traditional building techniques.

Improve Safety & Security

Modular construction takes place away from your home. There isn’t as much on-site activity that could be dangerous. This is especially important for those who have children. When you have a modular addition put on your home, you can stay there for the duration of the project. You don’t have to go rent a room during the project, or stay with friends or family.  Also, the structure isn’t open to the elements, so there’s less chance of a security breach.

Better Quality Control

When you choose modular construction, your home addition will be built in a controlled environment. All your materials will be stored at an optimal temperature, with no exposure to the elements. This means no damage or deterioration during the construction process. A team of professionals will be able to inspect and make sure each piece is up to our high quality standards before they are even used as part of your project.

Reduce Waste

If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly and sustainable option, look no further! Modular construction reduces waste during the building process. Each piece of your modular addition is tailored exactly to your specifications. Also, the painting process takes place in our climate-controlled facility. The longevity of these additions make them a sustainable option.

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