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3 Pros of Prefab Homes

When people think of building a house, a prefab home isn’t typically their first thought. Most people consider the process of a stick-built house and become discouraged at the length of the process and the unexpected costs that almost every home building horror story comes with. However, that shouldn’t be enough to discourage you from building the home of your dreams! Instead, consider a prefab home in Northern Virginia!

Prefab homes, or modular homes, are built in a warehouse and transported to your site for the final assembly. They are a great alternative to stick-built houses, especially if timing is a concern of yours. Keep reading to learn more about the pros of prefab homes!

1. Quick Construction

One of the biggest struggles for those wanting to build their dream home can be the waiting. Waiting on weather to be right for the construction team to be on site; waiting for materials to ship in; waiting months just to see the final project.

Not with prefab homes! Prefab homes are built in a warehouse, so weather isn’t an issue. Overall, it normally only takes a few weeks for your home to be ready for final assembly!

2. Affordability

Stick-built homes are a massive financial undertaking. However, prefab homes are a much more financially sensible option! You don’t have to worry about paying extra for labor or materials.

You can even get a mortgage or line of credit options for prefab homes or additions. Interest rates are normally the same as stick-built houses. Keep in mind: the cost per square foot for prefab homes is lower on average by 10-20% than traditional homes!

3. Durability

Made to withstand transportation and to resist effects of weather, prefab homes are also quite durable. At multiple stages of their building process there are strict inspections to ensure that these homes are up to code.

Are you ready for us to build your prefab home in northern Virginia? Call Carbide Construction for more information today at 703-550-8711 or contact us!

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