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5 Factors to Consider When Adding In-Law Suites

As housing prices remain high, many are turning to in-law suites to save money or provide care for their elderly parents or relatives. In-law suites are a great way to expand the square footage of your home, provide a dedicated space for parents or relatives to visit or move in, all while remaining more affordable than maintaining two homes or booking hotels for extended visits.

If you are considering in-law suites in Alexandria, Carbide Construction is here to help! Here are 5 factors that we find helpful to have considered before moving forward with choosing a floor plan and completing the construction process.

in-law suite attached to home in Virginia

1. Location

While many in-law suites are attached to the main residence, you can always choose to place the modular addition separately on the property. Check with zoning when deciding to add an in-law suite, be sure to consider whether you want it attached or separate!

2. Timelines

If you are looking to move your parents in today, your timeline probably isn’t suitable for an in-law suite. While modular additions take less time to complete than traditional stick-built additions, there is still a timeline to consider. When possible, start the planning process early enough to allow time for construction to be completed prior to needing to move loved ones into your home!

3. Building Ordinances & Zoning

You also want to make sure to check local building ordinances and zoning regulations to ensure that an in-law suite is permissible on your property. We can help you determine any issues with zoning regulations and support you through any necessary permit applications!

4. Accessibility

If moving elderly loved ones into an in-law suite, don’t forget to consider accessibility from the start. Rather than having future expenses related to aging-in-place, accessibility can be factored in from the beginning of the project!

5. Utilities

Finally, it’s important to consider how utilities are connected and paid. In-law suites can have combined or separate utilities, so it’s up to you and your loved ones as to how you want to handle the split. If you ever expect to want utilities separate, it may be best to ensure the in-law suite has its own meter.

So, are you ready to start planning the addition of an in-law suite to your home? We proudly offer in-law suites to residents of Alexandria and Northern Virginia! Call Carbide Construction for more information today at 703-550-8711 or contact us!

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