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A Guide to Cost-Efficient & Green Modular New-Build Projects

One of the biggest benefits of modular new-build projects in Northern Virginia is that every aspect of the home can be carefully considered before it is included in the design. Green building, the concept of reducing our carbon footprint through using renewable energy in our homes, can easily be incorporated within the design. With the right designs, you and your family will be able to use renewable energy without having to disrupt your daily lives. Use this guide to help you determine which features are right for you.

How Does a Modular Build Help You Go Green?

New modular buildings have a wide variety of benefits. Financially, a modular build allows you to pay for only the features and space that you are going to use. This contributes to our commitment to going green because homeowners are able to eliminate space that they wouldn’t use. They have greater control over the materials used in the design and structure of the home. All of this makes new modular builds a much better choice.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Consider how often you will use the green option to determine how cost-effective it is. Solar power, for example, requires a steady source of sunlight for a few hours a day. Some areas of the world, however, have months of darkness or long, rainy periods. A homeowner would need to consider their surroundings when choosing this option. If they are in an area with restricted sunlight for most of the year, they would likely need to have a traditional electric set-up in addition to solar panels.

Basement waterproofing can also be a cost-effective way to go green in Northern Virginia, especially if your contractors use green products that are combined with their waterproofing agents. These simple steps allow your home to be more prepared in case there is a flood. Investing in a waterproofing service can be a great way to prolong the life of your home and reduce maintenance costs later on.

The Cost of Green Living

Homeowners also need to consider maintenance in their green building. Maintenance costs can be a huge part of any household budget. While most green building designs will attempt to reduce maintenance costs in any way possible, some technology simply requires more care than others. Solar panels, for example, need to be replaced and properly maintained.

Ongoing costs of green living can be reduced in a number of ways. When constructing your modular home, find ways to take advantage of natural light and water sources on your property. By talking with a professional and discovering these methods early on, you can reduce the use of some of your renewable energy sources and extend their life. Even if there is a one-time fee involved with adding these features in, it is still cheaper in the long run.

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This article a guest post courtesy of Apex Waterproofing Inc., a leader in basement waterproofing and foundation repair in Northern Virginia.

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