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Accessory Dwelling Units Arlington

Modular Addition ArlingtonAre you thinking about having an addition put on your home? Then call us here at Carbide Construction! We specialize in accessory dwelling units in Arlington and the surrounding areas, and we have helped plenty of homeowners like you get the home addition they have always wanted. From start to finish, you will be happy with and impressed by our services.


Accessory dwelling units are one of today’s most popular types of home additions for many reasons. Once a novel backyard addition, they have become one of today’s most popular types of home additions because they’re relatively affordable, can be quickly built, and offer a variety of different uses. These backyard homes offer a variety of uses and benefits that homeowners are catching onto, now more than ever. Accessory dwelling units can be transformed to meet the current needs of its owner. They offer affordable, efficient housing solutions, studio spaces, home schooling areas and in-law suites for aging relatives.

We have some basic plans for in-law suites that include a kitchen, living area, bedroom and bathroom. As always the plan can be customized to meet your needs and to work with the space available. By going with a modular addition rather than a stick-built addition, you will save time and money on construction. Let’s get started today! Give us a call so we can discuss what you’re looking for in accessory dwelling units and modular additions.

Modular Home Additions from Carbide Construction

Why are accessory dwelling units from Carbide Construction the best choice? For one thing, our modular home additions are environmentally-friendly. You can decrease your carbon footprint by investing in these types of home additions. At Carbide Construction, we offer accessory dwelling units, as modular additions and as separate structures. Whether attached or detached, ADUs and in-law suites provide a great space for others to live independently while still close by.

Not only that, because your addition will be built in a climate-controlled factory setting, you will not have to worry about the schedule delays due to the weather and other uncontrollable factors like you would with traditional construction.

Plus, you can stay in your home during the process. You will not have to worry about finding a hotel room or asking loved ones if you can stay with them during construction. Give us a call today to learn more about accessory dwelling units and their many benefits.

Contact Us about Accessory Dwelling Units

Carbide Construction has been doing accessory dwelling units and modular additions for years, so you can rest assured you have a professional team on your side. If you are ready to learn more about accessory dwelling units for your Arlington area home or want more information about the process, call Carbide Construction at 703-550-8711 or Contact Us.