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Happy Holidays from Carbide Construction

As 2018 is coming to a close, we want to thank our clients for another successful year. We are grateful to continue serving northern Virginia with our modular construction services. This would not be possible without the support and patronage from all of you!

We want to thank each and every one of you who has used our services this past year. We hope you will trust us for any modular construction needs you have in the future.

We wish each of you a merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous new year!

You Don’t Have to Wait Until Spring to Get Started on Your Second Story Addition

Cold weather has settled in for the winter so you may assume all building plans are shelved for the moment. However, when it comes to modular builds and modular additions, any season is a great season to build! While outside building using the old stick built method can be loaded with complications and potential problems and challenges of winter weather, not so with a modular build! By having your home or addition constructed using modular building systems, the majority of your home will be built indoors in a climate-controlled facility thus preventing weather-related issues as well as possible future problems with your new structure. And, if you didn’t already know, modular building can also save you time and money! As experts in modular construction, we would like to tell you more about why modular is a great choice for your Falls Church area second story addition.

Second Story Modular Addition

For one, the weather. If you choose to build using old, stick build building methods, you may be dealing with problems later on down the road because untreated wood doesn’t do so well with rain and snow. When moisture comes in contact with untreated wood, it naturally warps. This creates studs, joists and trusses that are not plumb and true, which results in crooked walls, floors and ceilings. However, with a modular second story addition, you won’t have this problem! Modular building systems allow you to build your addition almost totally indoors in a climate-controlled environment.

Building inside prevents many problems that can occur related to cold and harsh winter weather. And, once on the job site, the addition is lifted by crane and affixed to its new location. The roof is already done and the house becomes water tight the same day, preventing any damage that could occur in winter weather.

Modular additions and homes also have greater efficiency than stick-built ones; a major concern for local homeowners. Climate controlled factory conditions optimize thermal insulation & barrier installation, resulting in a tighter and better insulated home that requires less energy to heat & cool. And, thanks to high quality engineering and innovations at Carbide Construction, our modular homes are energy-efficient and easier on the environment too.

Overall, building your second story addition in a climate-controlled environment can overcome the challenges of winter weather and save you time and money.

Are you interested in learning more about a second story addition in Falls Church. Washington DC, Arlington, Fairfax or anywhere in the area? We can easily help you design your own unique and one-of-a-kind addition! Call Carbide Construction at 703-550-8711 or you can Contact Us.

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of Year to Start Construction on Your New Modular Home

With the holidays quickly approaching, you may find yourself daydreaming about a new home for you and your family. Maybe you’ve outgrown your current home or have a plot of land you’re finally ready to build a house on. This year, give your and your family the greatest gift of all and begin planning the construction of your new dream home! There are so many reasons to choose a modular home over a stick built home. And, as modular home builders for Arlington and the entire surrounding area, the experts at Carbide Construction would like to discuss some of the many benefits of investing in a manufactured home. That way, when considering a new modular home for you and your family, you can take all of these many great factors into account. And, when you’re ready to get started, contact our modular home builders and you could be moving into your new modular home before you know it!Showcasing Arlington Modular Home

One great benefit to contacting our modular home builders is we can start right away. After all, it’s almost winter and one of the main advantages of a modular home is that they do not have the same scheduling delays as a stick built home. And, because manufactured homes are built in a factory, there is no need to worry about the weather delaying the construction project. If you wanted to get your project started as soon as possible, we can do that! Even if it snows all winter your home will still be worked on no matter what the weather is like outside. Not needing to worry about time delays means your home will be built on schedule as promised. And fewer delays means construction equipment and materials will not be sitting around on your job site for any longer than what they need to be.

A modular home is also a gift that will last a lifetime. Manufactured homes are generally seen as more sturdy and energy efficient than almost any other type of home available today. They are built to be able to withstand being transported to the construction site and are built to truly last.

Modular homes are also completely customizable. While manufactured homes come with standard features like every other home, they are easily customizable and are available in a huge variety of floor plans. Our modular home builders will meet with you to learn exactly what you’re looking for in a new home and draw up plans to meet the needs of you and your family. With our modular home builders, you get plenty of flexibility in designing your home. If you have something in mind, we can work with you and turn the home of your dreams into a reality.

So, why not give the greatest gift of all to you and your family? Let’s get started today! If you are interested in learning more about our modular home builders for Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax and the surrounding areas, call Carbide Construction at 703-550-8711 or you can Contact Us.

Great Ideas for Your Second Level Addition

As you know, a second level addition is a great way to increase your living space as well as increase the value of your home; often turning a profit when it’s time to sell. A second level addition can be a big undertaking however it offers a variety of major benefits and opportunities; especially when it comes to modular additions. Carbide Construction can provide you with a beautiful, new second level addition for your Vienna home and we’d like to speak more about the many options it can offer. With a second level addition you can look forward to:Springfield Modular Addition

More Storage Space

A modular second level addition can offer new space for storage, which can be important for any homeowner, especially those who have been in a home long enough to fill it. Or those who own a business and could use the extra room for belongings. Even if the second story is primarily reserved for bedrooms, crawl spaces, closets or a new attic can all increase the amount of available storage space.

More Bedrooms

A homeowner whose family is growing can most definitely benefit from a modular second level addition. A modular second story addition can often contain within it several bedrooms and at least one full bathroom. This will free up some of the bedrooms on the first floor for more family members, an office or something else like a family or media room. And, second floor bedrooms are more private and offer much nicer views.

A Possible Home Office

Looking to bring your work home? A second level addition can offer a great space to work from home that’s separate from the rest of the house for a more productive workplace. This can be especially important for homes with children or other family members that could be potentially distracting. An exterior entrance is also good idea for a second level addition office for a homeowner looking to host clients.

Whatever the reason, a second level addition can be a wonderful addition to your home! It’s important to remember that the design of the second story elevation must be coordinated with the first-story elevation. And, the window locations on the second story should be arranged in a pleasant fashion. This decision should come early on within the design process, as the location of the interior partition walls on the second story must be coordinated with the window locations. The experts at Carbide Construction takes all of this into consideration and works with you for a second level addition that not only looks great but functions beautifully.

Thinking about a modular modular second level addition for your Vienna home? We can easily help you design your own unique and beneficial addition! Call Carbide Construction at 703-550-8711 or you can Contact Us.

The Quality & Style of Today’s Manufactured Homes

Manufactured homes have changed a lot over the years. In fact, the manufactured homes of today bear little resemblance to those of yesterday. Today’s manufactured homes have innovative features such as energy efficient options, smart home options and more. They have walk-in pantries, spa-like bathrooms and are built with top quality, luxurious materials. Well, when it comes to Carbide Construction’s manufactured homes that is. Our manufactured homes offer complete customization, incredible energy efficiency and fantastic value. That is why the ever-increasing popularity of manufactured homes is undeniable. And, as trusted professionals in manufactured homes for entire Fairfax area, the experts at Carbide Construction would like to outline more of their many benefits and define them a bit further for you. And, when you’re ready to get started on a manufactured home of your very own, give us a call.

Sliding Barn Door

First of all, it is important to know that the home building process for manufactured homes has evolved tremendously in the last few decades. And, Carbide Construction is at the forefront of new, evolving technology. Our manufactured homes are full of innovative materials and trendy designs. They are energy efficient and beautiful. They are nothing like you would imagine a manufactured home to be.

And, while manufactured homes come with standard features like every other home, these homes are easily customizable and are available in a huge variety of floor plans.
They are also quite affordable! The total price tag for a manufactured home is going to be smaller than that for a new site-built home in almost every circumstance. Why? Manufactured homes can be built faster and more affordably than traditional homes. And, they are seen by many as being a solution to the affordable housing crisis. Manufactured homes provide a fantastic solution for the affordable housing shortage on the outskirts of metros and in rural areas alike.

Manufactured homes are are also environmentally friendly. When we build manufactured homes we do not waste a lot of the building materials when constructing these homes in the factory setting. The scraps that are left over are usually recycled.

And, with manufactured homes from Carbide Construction you never have to sacrifice quality materials or quality craftsmanship. We strive to build manufactured homes that are made of the highest quality materials but are still affordable and attainable. Carbide Construction is a family owned and operated business, with about 30 years in the manufactured homes industry.

Are you interested in getting some more information about manufactured homes in the Fairfax area? Call Carbide Construction at 703-550-8711 or Contact Us.