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Getting the Facts About In-Law Suites

in-law suites springfield

As prices of assisted living facilities continue to rise, older Americans are choosing to move in with their children and grandchildren. But instead of taking a spare bedroom, they’re moving into their own private in-law suite. In-law suites offer privacy for all parties involved as well as the feeling of independence, all while being able… Read more »

The Accessory Dwelling Unit, Today’s Most Popular Home Addition

Modular Addition Manassas

In the age of COVID, accessory dwelling units or ADUs have become one of the most popular types of additions in the housing world. These backyard homes offer a variety of uses and benefits that homeowners are catching onto, now more than ever. They offer affordable, efficient housing solutions, studio space and in-law suites for… Read more »

Guide to a Modular Second Story Addition

Modular second story addition vienna

A second story addition to your Vienna area home can solve a lot of problems. Second story additions can add needed square footage to your home, allowing growing families to avoid moving into a different, bigger home. And it doesn’t impinge on your yard space! However, to many, a second story addition can seem like… Read more »

How Modular Puts a Second Level Addition Within Reach

Modular second level Addition

If you search second level additions online, you’ll likely find many results outlining the high cost, long timeline and extensiveness of such a project. But that’s for a stick built second story addition. These simply don’t apply when it comes to a modular second level addition like those from Carbide Construction. While a modular second… Read more »