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Why More and More Homeowners are Choosing Fiber Cement Siding

Carbide Construction installs durable fiber concrete siding known as Hardie Board.

As you know, there are numerous siding options available including wood, stone, brick, and vinyl. But the type of siding really taking off right now is fiber cement siding. Fiber cement siding is the new material of choice for those who want long-lasting siding that boosts the value of their home and is fire-resistant. It… Read more »

Home Remodeling for the New Normal By Way of Modular Construction

Lake Anna Modular Addition

With more time spent at home, many homeowners are looking around and noticing areas in need of improvement. Have you noticed some important changes that need to be made to your home? Do you need more space for homeschooling or to comfortably work from home? No matter what the circumstances, when it comes to upgrading… Read more »

A Home Remodeling Guide from Your Local Remodeling Contractor

Entire room remodeling is the most popular type of home renovation. It is a big job but can make a huge difference in the overall appearance and value of a home. But before you get started, there are some important things to consider. As the trusted remodeling contractor for Alexandria and the surrounding areas, we… Read more »

Remodeling & Modular Home Design Tips

Known for our modular homes and modular additions, we are well-versed in designing and creating the perfect home environments. And at Carbide Construction, we firmly believe in the value of a professional home remodeler, and there are several good reasons you should only trust professionals like us when you want to have your home renovated…. Read more »

Kitchen Remodeling Considerations

You really love your house. You see it as where you will be spending the days that matter most during the rest of your life. All of this despite the home being a little dated. What can you do to enhance its aesthetic value to you and its financial value should the day come that… Read more »