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How Modular Puts a Second Level Addition Within Reach

Modular second level Addition

If you search second level additions online, you’ll likely find many results outlining the high cost, long timeline and extensiveness of such a project. But that’s for a stick built second story addition. These simply don’t apply when it comes to a modular second level addition like those from Carbide Construction. While a modular second… Read more »

Top Questions About Modular Second Story Additions

Looking to transform not only the overall look of your home but increase its square footage as well? Not interested in a long, drawn-out and disruptive building process? A modular second level addition is your answer. It is the best way to increase your home’s square footage without a major inconvenience to your and your… Read more »

Choosing the Right Modular Home Builders for You

So, you’ve decided on an efficient, environmentally-friendly and cost-friendly modular home. But, how  do you choose the right modular home builders in the Falls Church area for you? Deciding which modular home builders should build your home is as important a decision as deciding where you’ll build your home or what type of home you’ll… Read more »

The Many Benefits of Adding an In-Law Suite

One of the latest trends in remodeling and home additions has got to be the in-law suite. An in-law suite is an area transformed into a living space for your parents or your in-laws. It makes one of the greatest, most meaningful gifts for aging parents. Although some may say that it is hard living… Read more »