Decorative Interior Barn Doors

One of the latest trends in interior design and remodeling is using a barn “style” door in the interior of a home. Decorative and functional, barn doors are becoming the next big thing when people are renovating or redecorating. For the most part, these barn doors will be sliding doors and used in a variety of capacities.

Many homeowners love the rustic look of a barn door. For example, we recently installed a sliding barn door for a residential remodel job that we did for one of our clients. The barn door was installed in lieu of a traditional door for the client’s laundry room, and it is a fun and eye-catching design element. Laundry rooms are generally one of the most unexciting parts of a house, but adding a sliding barn door is a pleasant and practical way to enhance the looks of the home. Our client did not have to sacrifice functionality for looks.

barn door Fairfax carbide construction

You can find barn doors just about anywhere: you can salvage one and refurbish it, or you can go out and buy a new kit from a retailer. (These are easier to install.) One of the best parts about barn doors is the huge variety of colors and styles. You can find one to match any homes décor, and this is an excellent way to bring the outdoors in.

Barn doors also work well for several different styles of homes. You can find them in contemporary homes where the homeowners want to add some additional textures and colors, and they also look amazing in more traditional houses. They are picturesque and usually quite simple in design but they are great conversation pieces. Visitors to your home will love the unique look that a sliding barn door can bring to just about any room in your house.

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