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Getting the Facts about Modular Home Additions

When it comes to investing in a home addition, many homeowners don’t have all the facts. Too often, due to lack of information, they fail to consider modular home additions for their remodeling needs. As the trusted professionals in modular home additions for Fairfax, we’d like to provide you with some interesting information to help you choose the right addition for you.

  • Modular home additions are convenient. One of the best parts about getting a modular home addition compared to a stick built addition is their limited interference with the homeowner’s routine. Even when Carbide Construction is in the thick of building your modular addition, you and your family can remain in your home.
  • Modular home additions can be built from start to finish in a matter of two weeks at the factory, not months. You can continue to live life like you did before, but all the while, a brand-new modular addition will be springing up around you.
  • They’re affordable. Modular home additions are usually more energy-efficient, stronger and are of better quality than stick built additions., Plus they are usually less expensive overall to build.
  • Modular additions and homes should not be confused with mobile or manufactured homes. They are not the same thing. Mobile homes are not placed on permanent foundations and are subject to different building codes and regulations than modular homes.
  • Modular additions are built in a factory setting and then covered and transported to their final destination. This means construction materials for modular home additions won’t be affected by the weather so you can start on your addition any time of year!
  • Modular home additions are unique and customizable. There are no design limitations.

And this is just some of the great information you can learn about modular home additions! Give us a call to learn more about them and you could be enjoying a beautiful, affordable brand-new living space.

Quality design from our trusted experts will ensure a great final outcome. Once we have preliminary design, the project can be sent to the modular company for preliminary pricing and get started. The process begins with an analysis of your existing house location survey which helps determine feasibility. Once the analysis is complete, the design/engineering phase can be established.

Let’s get started! Call Carbide Construction today at (703) 550-8711 or contact us online for more information on modular home additions in Fairfax!

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