A Home Remodeling Guide from Your Local Remodeling Contractor

Entire room remodeling is the most popular type of home renovation. It is a big job but can make a huge difference in the overall appearance and value of a home. But before you get started, there are some important things to consider. As the trusted remodeling contractor for Alexandria and the surrounding areas, we have put together a guide to remodeling to help you get started.

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First, aim for quality. When it comes to home remodeling, you want to have high-quality, functional items, both for your own use and for potential resale value. High-quality design, cabinets, and appliances will last longer so you won’t have to repeat the renovation process again while you are living in the home.

Decide on your needs vs. wants. You and your remodeling contractor should sit down and work together to decide on basic needs vs. features that you want. For example, if you want tile floors or if you need more seating room in the kitchen like a breakfast nook, make your remodeling contractor aware. A modular remodeling contractor like ours can fully customize that which you wish to add-on, leaving your home ideal for your future.

Plan your layout. Work with your remodeling contractor to find a plan that works. And, more than any room in the house, the kitchen needs to be practical and functional. Think about how you use your current kitchen to identify your priorities for the remodeled space. What works and what doesn’t? Give considerable thought to the layout of the room and assess what will work best for your household.

Quite probably the most important decision you have to make is who you should hire to take care of the work for you. Hire a company that has a traceable record of doing beautiful renovation work like Carbide Construction. Carbide Construction will handle every single aspect of getting your new kitchen in place. From handling the permit process all the way through the installation of your new features, we will ensure that the work gets done right the very first time and that you are exceedingly happy with your remodel.

Our remodeling contractor will conduct an analysis of your existing house location survey to determine feasibility of an addition or a remodeling. Once the analysis is complete the design/engineering phase can be established. Quality design will ensure a great final outcome. We will then start up some of the subcontractor pricing, followed by the completion of drawings. Final pricing will follow.

Ready to get started? For more information about our services as a remodeling contractor for Alexandria and surrounding areas, call Carbide Construction at 703-550-8711 or you can Contact Us.

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