Learning About the Prefab Home Revolution

Nowadays, prefabricated or prefab homes have been growing as a popular choice among homebuyers because of their numerous benefits. And, as the experts in prefab homes for Fairfax, Arlington and the entire surrounding areas, we’d like to tell you more about them. As prefab homes continue to grow in popularity, more and more homeowners are enjoying their many benefits including faster build time, sustainability and more. And, if you haven’t yet fully grasped the concept of prefab homes, we are here to help you learn more about them! And, when you’re ready to get started on a prefab home of your very own, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Modular Home Arlington

First of all, it is important to note that prefab homes are different from mobile homes and for many reasons. Trailers were an interim solution, which took root and is now seen as rows and rows of uniform, rectangular houses in subdivisions around the county. The concept of pre-fabricated homes has come a long way from trailer houses. Today’s modern prefab homes are working in an entirely different direction. They are sustainable, environment-friendly and green in all aspects of production. They are also completely customizable and unique in design; these are not your basic square and rectangular homes! While manufactured homes come with standard features like every other home, these homes are easily customized and are available in a huge variety of floor plans. And, they are not limited in size the way trailers are; prefab homes can be as large as several thousand square feet with multiple stories.

The evolution of trailer homes to current prefab homes also includes an evolution in building codes, modern trends and concepts like sustainability. Prefab homes can be modern creations, environment-friendly, and viable for luxury living yet be created at a lower cost than stick built homes.

With prefab or modular homes, the future is now! They offer, safer and faster setup as well as unique options in affordable housing. Prefab homes are usually built faster than traditional homes. Your home will be built in a factory, and at the same time, the construction site can be prepped. So both of these things can happen concurrently.

There are so many great reasons people all around the country are choosing prefab homes! Interested in learning more about prefab homes in Fairfax, Springfield, Arlington, Alexandria and the surrounding areas? Call Carbide Construction at 703-550-8711 or you can Contact U for more information.

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