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Fairfax and Arlington Modular Additions for Your New Year’s Resolutions List

Happy New Year (almost), Fairfax and Arlington! What’s on your resolutions list for 2014? Losing weight? Quitting smoking? Cutting back on sweets? What about a bigger project, like a modular addition for your Fairfax or Arlington home? Carbide Construction can help with modular additions. Fairfax and Arlington and the surrounding areas are the perfect spots for modular additions. Let’s take a quick look at the process and see what it entails.

You may have heard the term “modular additions” before, but do you really know what they are? In short, modular additions are additions to your home that are made at a facility and then delivered to your home. A crew of trained professionals and a crane will “drop” the modular addition into place, but the process needs to be supervised by an expert to make sure everything lines up properly and safely. The best part of a modular addition is that it looks exactly the same as the rest of your house.

However, modular additions stand out for a few reasons. They are usually more energy efficient, stronger, better quality and, overall, less expensive to build. And because these modular additions are built in a factory and not on-site, weather delays are not an issue. The construction materials won’t be affected by the weather either. In just a few short weeks, your modular addition for your Fairfax or Arlington home will be ready for delivery and assembly! The only parts of the building that will need to be completed on-site are things like prepping the existing structure, digging the foundation (if needed) and connecting the plumbing, electrical and air-conditioning systems.

Almost sounds too easy, doesn’t it? But that’s really all there is to it. So why not put a modular addition for your Fairfax or Arlington home on your New Year’s resolution list? Just call Carbide Construction at (703) 550-8711 or contact us online to get your modular additions started!

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