Modular Additions in Vienna VA: Interesting Facts

As more and more people move to Vienna VA, one thing many people don’t consider for their remodeling needs is modular additions. Carbide Construction loves taking on all kinds of construction projects, but our favorite type is modular additions. Vienna VA residents know they can trust us and our expertise to bring their modular addition dreams to life! In this blog, we are going to share some interesting facts about modular additions with you.

  • Modular additions are built in a factory setting and then covered and transported to their final Vienna VA location.
  • Construction materials for modular additions cannot be affected by the weather because the additions are built indoors.
  • Modular additions (and homes) can be built from start to finish in a matter of weeks, not months.
  • Modular additions are usually more energy-efficient, stronger and of better quality, plus they are usually less expensive overall to build.
  • Modular additions can be customized for each Vienna VA homeowner’s specific needs, tastes and style.
  • Modular additions and homes should not be confused with mobile (manufactured) homes. They are not the same thing. Mobile homes are not placed on permanent foundations and they are subject to different building codes and regulations.
  • Not all modular additions look alike! There are no design limitations. But other than that, you’re only limited by your creative design.
  • Modular additions will generally cost you less than a tear down and rebuild. Thanks to their shorter build time.

One of the best parts about getting a modular addition for your Vienna VA home is the convenience factor. Even when Carbide Construction is in the thick of building your modular addition, you and your family can stay in your home! No need to worry about finding a Vienna VA hotel to stay in, and no need to worry about staying with friends or relatives. You can continue to live life like you did before, but all the while, a brand-new modular addition will be springing up around you. Soon enough, you and your family will be enjoying this brand-new living space. It’s that simple!

So call Carbide Construction today at (703) 550-8711 or contact us online for more information on modular additions in Vienna VA!

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