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There are few investments more important than buying a new home. It may very well be the biggest purchase you ever make. Traditional homes can take what seems like forever to build. Then you have to go through closing, inspections and the whole nine yards. Why not cut the wait in half with a modular home or modular addition?

With modular homes (known commonly as prefabricated or manufactured homes), you can stop the waiting and get in your new Washington DC home faster. Since 2002, Carbide Construction has been offering these construction wonders, and we’ve aligned with Excel Homes, one of the East Coast’s largest modular companies.

Here are some quick facts about modular homes:

  • Eco Friendly: Modular construction is friendly to the environment because there are very few materials wasted or thrown away. Since modulars are built in a factory setting, there is complete control over what is tossed, no noise pollution and less land disturbance.
  • Not a Mobile Home: Mobile homes are subject to different building code standards. Your modular home will be akin to a site or traditionally constructed building.
  • Strong: Since the home must withstand being shipped from the manufacturer to your property, it must be strong. And most of these structures are typically more solidly constructed and stronger than site-built houses.
  • Fast: After the addition is set in place, it will be 30-60 days from final completion.
  • More Stability: A modular home uses up to 33% more lumber than traditional homes, which means your house will be more stable.

Who are we? We’re Carbide Construction, a Washington DC family-owned and operated business for over 25 years. Our owners are hands-on and one of them will supervise the entire job. We pride ourselves on excellence in design and craftsmanship, while maintaining a reasonable turnaround time.

Want to know more? Visit our Modular Additions page, or find more facts at our Modular Additions Facts page. You can also learn about the modular options available by viewing our Modular Addition Project Options page.

If you’re in the Washington DC area and ready to get started, contact us today at 703.550.8711 or 703.550.8710. We look forward to getting you in your home … fast.

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