The Many Benefits of Modular Homes, Continued…

There are many benefits to modular homes as we have covered in that past. And, whether you look at the economic or the environmental advantages, going with a modular home has many benefits over the stick-built one. With there being so many amazing benefits, we have decided to include a few additional ones here as well. As the experts in modular homes for Vienna and the surrounding areas, we are proud of what our modular homes have done and continue to do for the community and we look forward to telling you more about them. Check out these benefits and when you’re ready to build a modular home of your own, contact the professionals at Carbide Construction. We look forward to building a home with you!

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Some of the lesser known benefits to building modular homes include:

Indoor Air Quality

Many of the indoor air quality issues that new construction can pose are related to high moisture level present in the building material itself. However, because building materials for modular homes are stored in a protective environment and not exposed to wet weather, moisture can be kept to a minimum.

Less Disturbance to the Building Sight Itself

Homes built in a factory like our modular homes are able to limit the amount of time and impact on the land and building site of your new home. This also saves on construction time. As the home is being built in the factory, the site can be prepared at the same time.

A Tighter Seal

Because modular homes are built in a factory there is better access around electrical outlets, fixtures, pipes and other sources of air infiltration. Having that access in a factory allows better sealing which can reduce air infiltration and prevent a loss of heat when the home is complete.

A More Complete Plan

With a modular home, most, if not all of the planning of your new home will tend to be completed before any construction begins. This means a much more efficient schedule, thorough planning every step of the way and fewer delays in your building due to construction and design changes.

Superior Quality

The team that is building your home is an experienced and closely supervised workforce. And, since they can build year-round in the factory, they aren’t seasonal workers like with some stick built construction companies. We are also able to use more sophisticated equipment and specialized training methods than builders building onsite.

These are just a few of the lesser known benefits to building modular homes! To learn more about modular homes in and around Vienna, call Carbide Construction at 703-550-8711 or Contact Us.

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