The Design Possibilities are Endless with a Modular Home

So, you’re looking into building a modular home or modular addition? Congratulations! There are so many great benefits to choosing a modular home or modular home addition and we would be happy to tell you all about them! With the holidays approaching you might be noticing your home could use more space to allow for a more comfortable and enjoyable place to entertain guests.

Modular Addition In Springfield Interior

As experts in modular homes for Springfield and the surrounding areas, we have heard many myths circulating about the limitations of design in modular homes. And, one of them is that they don’t allow for an open floor plan. But, we want everyone to know that modular homes are completely customizable! Contrary to what you may have heard, all kinds of layouts and designs are possible! We can even design an open floor plan for your modular home. In fact, we have done so in the past with some incredibly stunning results.

Why an Open Floor Plan?
Open floor plans are becoming more and more popular in modern homes as they give the illusion of a bigger space, provide more natural sunlight and outdoor views, as well as create a more safe and social environment. By opening up a space and removing any visual barriers, the interior spaces appear much larger. And, when you eliminate extra interior walls to open up the space, the windows will bring more sunlight into your home and give you a better view of your outdoor landscape.

Modular Addition Interior SpringfieldAn open layout makes entertaining guests not only easier but also more enjoyable. You don’t miss a moment while cooking and entertaining and with a more open flow between spaces.

Whether you decide an open floor plan is the right choice for your family; allow a modular home or modular addition to be the solution for you! Whatever your vision, we will work with you to create the right modular home or construction to match your unique style and needs. Overall, modular construction is better on the environment, better on your wallet and provides safety and style that can’t be beat. Get started today and you could have the home you’ve always dreamed of!

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