The Growing Popularity of Modular Home Additions

Modular home additions are continuing to grow in popularity across the country. These additions are made off-site, brought to your existing home, “attached” (for lack of better terminology) and made a permanent part of the house. If your Arlington, Fairfax or Montgomery County home could use modular home additions, or just an addition, check into Carbide Construction.

Modular home additions have been around since the early 1900s, their appearances beginning in Sears catalogs of the day, when they were known as “house kits”. We are long past the day of these being thought of in the “mobile” sense, for one reason being they are stationary, but mainly because they are of high quality, are very customizable and the technology that creates them is cutting edge.

A lot of the growing popularity in modular home additions involves making small houses bigger houses. A one floor rancher having a modular second floor added to the home is a good case in point.

Cheaper than standard construction, a quicker process, a far less painful on-site experience, modular home additions are becoming a highly sought after commodity in Arlington, Fairfax, Montgomery County and all points in between.

The process of getting set up with a new modular home addition, once the choice is made to pursue one, are the design development phase (architects and interior designers assist here), making proper financial arrangements (through a construction or home equity loan) and the beginning of construction.

Modular home additions can be made to easily blend into any architectural style, a seamless or no evidence approach in regard to there being an addition added on to a home. The goal is to make it look as though any modular home additions have been part of the house all along.

Environmentally friendly, a computer creates and implements the precise cuts. As such, the pieces that are cut are more in mind with the project in general, thus less waste is created. In traditional, on-site construction jobs, top contractors estimate that up to 30% of the materials brought end up in the dumpster at a project’s completion.

Some advantages in going with modular home additions include the fact that homeowners generally do not have to move out of their house at all during the on-site portion of the modular home addition install (people often have to move out for half of a year or more in a standard construction job). Your belongings can stay put, exactly where they already sit. Depending on the type of addition that is being added on to the home, you may not have to move out at all, with no disruption to your daily lives (the installation of hardwood flooring being the only exception to having to move out).

Are you interested in learning more about modular home additions in Arlington, Fairfax and Montgomery County? We can easily help you design your own unique and one-of-a-kind addition! Call Carbide Construction at 703-550-8711 or you can Contact Us.

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