What’s the Story With Adding a Second Story?

Thinking about having a modular second story addition placed on your home? Perhaps your one-story home does not offer up enough in the way of space? Thus, your contractor will be turning your one-story into a two-story. The roof will be removed, the new modular second story shall be immediately placed where it once was, coming, of course, with its own roof up on top.

Two conditions need be met before you can build a second story modular addition. The exterior dimensions of the existing home must be compatible with one of the modular manufacturer’s production sizes. The second condition is that the home itself and its foundation must be able to carry the additional weight, which is substantial.

Your second story addition is ultimately up to you. You may choose what to do with regards to things like window locations, bay windows and the like pre-existing elements of your home that must be factored into the placement of your second story. Or, you can leave those decisions up to us. We can design and propose our ideas, you just give the final go ahead or talk alternate options and solutions.

In designing your addition, you must decide where the stairs to the second floor will be placed. You must also determine a location for placement of electrical wires, HVAC supply and return ducts or pipes, and plumbing pipes for second-floor bathrooms—should you be adding those also.

The design of the second story elevation must be coordinated with the first-story elevation. The window locations on the second story should be arranged in a pleasant fashion. This decision should come early on within the design process, as the location of the interior partition walls on the second story must be coordinated with the window locations.

Exterior elevation of all four sides of your finished home must factor in existing first-story bump-outs or structures. Bay windows, porches, sunrooms, recessed entryways, or garages will be challenging for designers and engineers. The second story must be plotted so that it does not mess with the purpose or aesthetic appeal of these items. If a modular second story will be cantilevered, the overhang can pose additional problems with a first-floor bump-out, such as a bay window.

Siding on the second story will need to match that residing on your existing first story. You also have the option of removing the siding from the first story and starting from scratch. If your current siding is wooden, you may simply need a paint and stain session to allow for all to match. Shutters and trim will need to be thought of and dealt with in this same fashion.

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