Why Modular Homes May Be Better for the Environment

Earth Day is April 22nd and in its honor we would like to discuss modular homes and why they may be better for the environment than their stick-built counterparts.

Carbide Construction Falls Church VA Modular Home

Today, technological innovation, higher costs, and the need for sustainable construction are challenging traditional stick-built processes. And, modular homes are the solution. As professional builders of modular homes in the Alexandria area, we are proud of the many benefits this type of construction offers and are excited to share one of our favorites with you here.

First, did you know that our modular homes are built to much higher standards and create less waste than stick built homes? All of our materials are ordered to exact fitment requirements, there-by reducing waste. And, since our homes are built indoors, there is no likelihood of materials being damaged and wasted or left behind.

And, since construction occurs at our factory, there is therefore educed car/truck traffic, noise, pollution, and quality of life impact in areas where the construction of a new home would occur. And, since a very small amount of construction occurs on-site or outdoors, pollutants, adhesives and other waste materials have little to no impact on the surface environment and neighboring properties.

Modular homes also have greater efficiency than stick-built homes. Climate controlled factory conditions and procedures optimize thermal insulation & barrier installation, resulting in a tighter and better insulated home that requires less energy to heat & cool.

A modular home builder like us adheres to the same strict building codes as traditional construction companies. And, as you can see, because of the way they are built, modular homes are more environmentally-friendly. Modular homes are also generally seen as more sturdy than almost any other type of home available today since they are built to be able to withstand being transported to the home site.

Thanks to high quality engineering and innovations at Carbide Construction, our modular homes are energy-efficient and easier on Mother Earth. So, celebrate Earth Day by learning more about modular homes and why they just may be the solution for you. There are so many wonderful benefits to choosing this type of construction and we look forward to sharing them with you!

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