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Carbide Construction History

Lorton Virginia Modular Homes & Additions

In 1986, the Gigliotti brothers (David, Andrew and Frank) founded Carbide Construction from their family’s garage in Annandale, Virginia. In the early years of the business, the Carbide team did it all from pouring the concrete slabs to installing the roof’s shingles. We were never too big for any job and prided ourselves on our craftsmanship and customer service, which are Carbide standards that still hold true today.

In 2002, Carbide’s modular construction division was added, which allowed us to expand our capabilities and become more eco-friendly. This has been a great addition to the business, allowing us to provide a different type of home construction that is less expensive and less intrusive. With a modular addition, homeowners can stay in their house during the construction process.

The keystone of the Carbide team has always been the three Gigliotti brothers. As time passed, Andrew and Frank eventually retired from the business, but David continues to run the company. He still has the same love for new home construction and home remodeling today as he did when he and his brothers first started the company.

Today, the Carbide team consists of David, his son Jack, and family friend Adam. David finds himself playing both owner and mentor as he strives to pass his experience of knowledge and wisdom on to the next generation: Jack and Adam.

The Carbide standards that David and his brothers built the foundation of the company on, still ring true today. Carbide Construction is a hands-on general contractor who personally coordinates all aspects of each construction project. We work out all the details, from cabinets and flooring to electrical and plumbing. We consistently work with the same team of experienced subcontractors who have become a part of the Carbide extended family.

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