Carbide Construction – Northern VA

Modular additions are endorsed as friendly to the environment because very little materials are wasted or discarded. The environment in which the modulars are constructed allows for complete control over waste, zero noise pollution, and your construction site – which is also your home – is subject to much less disturbance over a shorter period of time.

Modular Addition FactsModular additions are NOT Mobile homes. Mobile homes are subject to a completely different building code. Modulars are much more like site-constructed or traditional construction.

Modulars will typically be even stronger and more solidly constructed than most site-built homes, as your modular addition must withstand the stress of being shipped from the manufacturing facility to your home site.

The typical time to final completion of a modular additional will be 30-60 days after the addition is set in place.

Computerization enables complete freedom of design and customization.

Modular additions have the flexibility to meet the design and budget needs for all different levels of housing projects.

Modulars are built with components in a controlled production facility to the exact same building codes as traditional construction.

Using a modular system will have no negative impact on the appraised value of your home and, in some cases, can even result in a higher value determination.

Modular additions use as much as 33% more lumber in its construction than site-built ones, resulting in more stability in your actual structure.