Modular Additions Manassas VA

Carbide Construction is a leading modular home builder based in Lorton VA. In conjunction with Excel Homes, which has produced over 30,000 homes, we can provide a complete turnkey modular addition that meets your exact needs. Every aspect will be fully coordinated, from design to move-in-ready completion.

Modular benefits in Manassas VA

Modular is quickly becoming the new standard in the housing industry. Just about any size and style of home can be built as modular. A modular home will look the same, inside and out, when compared to a site-built home. The only difference will be in the construction, as modular homes tend to be stronger, more energy efficient, better quality and less expensive. The time it takes to build will be only a few months, as opposed to the six to 18 months associated with site-built homes.

Your modular home will be 85% completed in climate-controlled factory conditions, by highly-trained personnel adhering to strict quality-control standards. During inventory and assembly, all materials are kept inside and are protected from the detrimental effects of weather. The use of specially-built jigs for manufacturing ensures modules will fit together with accuracy when put together at the site. When your home is finished, it will meet or exceed all the same federal, state and local codes a traditional home must meet.

Construction is not affected by delays for inclement weather in Manassas, shipping of materials or scheduling of labor crews at several job sites. It only takes a few weeks for your home to be completed in the factory.

The remaining 15% involves many of the same issues that affect a site-built home: site preparation; digging for and building the foundation slab or basement; final connection of the electrical, plumbing, and air conditioning services; and landscaping.

About Carbide Construction

Our team is made up of experienced modular home builders who will arrange for all the skilled labor required to properly complete the on-site portion of your new modular home. They can coordinate the entire process for you, or work with you if you wanted to do some of it yourself, such as the landscaping. We’ll work with you to design the home of your dreams. You can choose from and modify various designs, or develop something completely new for your custom home.

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