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Did you know that, according to the Manufactured Housing Institute, in 2013 there were more than 60,000 modular homes shipped to various sites throughout the country? In Virginia alone, more than 1,000 of these homes were shipped here. And these numbers are increasing every year!

As more and more people catch on to the benefits of manufactured homes, this type of home is just going to continue to grow in popularity. We are modular home builders serving Fairfax and all of Northern Virginia, and thanks to our 25 years of experience, we know plenty about these types of homes and how to best manufacture and construct them.

Buying a new home in today’s economy can be tough, especially for first-time home buyers. As modular home builders, we understand this challenge. So we strive to build manufactured homes that are made of the highest quality materials but are still affordable and attainable.

Common Myths We Hear as Modular Home Builders

Modular homes are not synonymous with trailer homes. Actually, modular homes are held to a higher construction standard than traditional stick-built homes!

Plus, modular homes are incredibly energy-efficient. Because they are constructed in a factory setting, the seals and joints in these homes are tighter than traditionally built homes, which can help lower the cost of your utility bills.

Also, when you purchase a new modular home, there is no need to worry about construction delays due to weather and other unforeseen circumstances. Because they are built in a factory, the weather will not play a role in how quickly they are constructed.

And you aren’t tied into one or two floor plans either! As modular home builders, we can help you design the perfect home to suit your needs. So if you want vaulted ceilings or any other features like that, we can help!

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