Second Level Addition Alexandria

Second Story Modular Addition Alexandria

Is your family growing? Do you need more space? Looking to increase the overall value of your home? Consider a second level addition. Having a second level built is a great way to add more room to your home. But, not just any second level addition will do! It is important you enlist the design and construction experts well versed in modular second level additions; Carbide Construction. When you contact Carbide Construction we can get to work designing and building a second level addition for your unique Alexandria home.

Over the years, we have helped countless homeowners get the added space they need plus the convenience and efficiency they desire with a modular addition. In fact, we are confident that we can build you the second level addition best fitted to suit your unique specifications, using only top quality materials and top notch design techniques. We just have a few stipulations to ensure a second level addition is right for your home; the project must be substantially sized and your home’s foundation must be in good shape.

Ready to get started? Give us a call and we can tell you all about our company and the many benefits that modular home additions can provide. We at Carbide Construction specialize in second story and all types of modular home additions for the Northern Virginia area and have helped hundreds of customers just like you get the modular homes and modular additions they’ve always wanted.

Benefits of a Modular Second Level Addition

There are so many wonderful benefits to choosing a modular second level addition from Carbide Construction. For example, a modular second level addition, like the ones we build here at Carbide Construction, are actually environmentally friendly. Few building materials are wasted and because the additions are factory-made, they are more tightly constructed to withstand being transported to your home; meaning more energy savings for you. A second level addition is also completely customizable and can be made to match the rest of your home. A second level addition can also help you get the space you need without breaking the bank. So whether you need a new room for a new baby or for family members to live in or stay in, a modular second level addition is an excellent option.

The best part is that when we are there building your new home addition, your family can stay in your home for the duration of the project! This is not just convenient, you will save a bundle of money on hotel stays you may have needed if you chose a stick built addition.

Whatever the reason, be sure to only enlist the experts for your second level addition; Carbide Construction.

Contact Us about a Second Level Addition

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