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Accessory Dwelling Units in Fairfax County

Have you been wanting to add more living space to your property? Consider an accessory dwelling unit! One of the fastest growing types of home additions, an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is a typically smaller, independent residential dwelling unit located on the same lot as a separate family home, but they can also be added on to your home directly. Frequently referred to as an in-law suite, they have many potential uses! Are you ready to add an accessory dwelling unit to your Fairfax County property? Contact Carbide Construction today!

There are so many potential uses for ADUs, but here are a few common ones:

  • In-law suites
  • Studio spaces
  • Efficient & affordable housing solutions
  • Office space
  • Rental unit
  • And more!

Let us know what you want to use your ADU for and we can help customize your unit to fit your specific needs! Give us a call for more information about ADUs and their possibilities!

Accessory Dwelling Units in Fairfax County

Carbide Construction for
Accessory Dwelling Units

Our ADUs are environmentally friendly, so you don’t have to worry about your carbon footprint when investing in your new living space. Beyond that, choosing a modular addition can save you time and money on construction, plus it removes the hassle of needing to stay somewhere else during the project! When you choose Carbide Construction, you can stay in your home during the entire process.

While we have some basic, pre-made design plans for ADUs that include a kitchen, living area, bedroom and bathroom; we are always happy to customize the plan to your needs and to work in the space available on your lot.

At Carbide Construction, we are proud to offer affordable housing solutions. Our ADUs of all varieties have the potential to increase housing affordability, enable seniors to live near family while keeping their independence and create a wider range of housing options for everyone. 

There are plenty of reasons to consider whether an accessory dwelling unit is right for you. If you are ready to learn more, contact Carbide Construction today! Our experts are happy to answer any questions and provide any additional information you may need to make your decision.

Learn More About Accessory Dwelling Units

Are you ready to add an accessory dwelling unit to your home in Fairfax County or the surrounding areas? Call Carbide Construction today at 703-550-8711 or contact us

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