How Modular Puts a Second Level Addition Within Reach

If you search second level additions online, you’ll likely find many results outlining the high cost, long timeline and extensiveness of such a project. But that’s for a stick built second story addition. These simply don’t apply when it comes to a modular second level addition like those from Carbide Construction. While a modular second level addition is still an in investment in your home; a modular build can offer your family a second-story modular home addition quickly, efficiently and cost effectively without displacing your family for months on end. Are you interested in a second level addition for your Fairfax area home? The experts here at Carbide Construction are here to tell you more about how a modular second level addition can put this goal within reach.

Modular second level Addition

First of all, a modular second level addition can happen much faster than a stick built one. In as little as a month, your existing ranch home could be expanded to a spacious colonial with a modular second level addition. Whether you need the space to provide bedrooms for a growing family or simply need to expand the living areas or storage space, we can design the second level story modular addition to suit your needs.

A modular second level addition is simply a great way to add another story to an existing building. They offer you the benefit of high-quality construction at an affordable price and, quicker build time. We work hard to keep up with timelines, and our construction is faster than any traditional on-site construction method.

Our modular additions are designed to easily blend in with any architectural style, virtually seamlessly. Get the space you’ve always wanted! Whatever your vision, we will work with you to create the right addition to match your home. 

A second level can also add resale value to your home! Second level additions can also help you get the space you need without breaking the bank. Any modular home can be designed to be energy efficient, creating not only greater benefits the environment but your wallet as well. A modular second level addition from Carbide Construction is even environmentally friendly. Few building materials are wasted and because the additions are factory-made, they are more tightly constructed to withstand being transported to your home.

There are so many ways a modular second level addition puts the dream of having a second story within reach! To learn more about a second level addition for your Fairfax area home, call Carbide Construction today at 703-550-8711 or you can Contact Us.

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