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In-Law Suite, Accessory Dwelling Unit, Addition, Casita: Which of These Home Additions Are Best for Your Northern Virginia Home?

Whatever you choose to call it, a modular addition can offer a number of unique benefits. It’s you, the homeowner, who gets to choose what it will be designed to do. Modular accessory dwelling units and additions can be fully customized to meet the current needs of its owner. An addition or accessory dwelling unit could be a classroom for homeschoolers, a home office for remote workers, a suite for college students, a home gym or a way for grandparents to stay close to their grandchildren. This kind of modular addition has become one of today’s most popular types of home additions because they’re relatively affordable, can be quickly built, and offer a variety of different uses.

At Carbide Construction, we offer in-law suites also known as accessory dwelling units or casitas as modular additions. We also offer modular home additions for Northern Virginia and all of the surrounding areas. So, if you need to make more room for your in-laws or if you need a new space to work remotely or anything in between, we can easily create the addition for you. 

How does a modular home addition work?

A modular addition is built off-site so you will have minimal disturbance at your house. The suite can be customized to fit your needs and budget. Once complete, we will attach it to your existing house, creating the private space your family needs.
We also offer detached home additions, a separate structure not attached to your current house. Whether attached or detached, ADUs and home additions provide a great space for all kinds of uses

Ready to get started? We can guide you through the process from start to finish. First, we will take a look at your existing home to make sure a modular addition can be added. We will also check zoning requirements. Many of these we already know since modular construction is our specialty in the northern Virginia area. If everything is good to go, we will work with you on the design of your project and see it to full completion.

With a home addition from Carbide Construction you will get a fully finished space to be used however you need to. As always the plan can be customized to meet your specific needs and to work with the space available. By going with a modular addition rather than a stick-built addition, you will save time and money on construction.

To learn more about home additions in the Northern Virginia area, all Carbide Construction at 703-550-8711 or Contact Us.

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