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Modular Home Additions for Growing Arlington Families

Do you have a new bundle of joy? Have your parents moved in with you? Whatever the case may be, a growing family is something to celebrate. If you’re wondering what to do as your family gets larger, a modular addition could be the answer. If you’re seeking Arlington modular home builders, look no further than Carbide Construction. We have an experienced team ready to help you with your home addition project from beginning to end. Don’t move out of the home and neighborhood you love when you just need a little more space.

Arlington Lifestyle

Arlington is an exquisite area. We know many of you are moving to Arlington just for the location alone. When considering your options, don’t take the time to tear down an older home and rebuild. Choose instead to add a modular addition that will make the home look like new! This process is cheaper and faster than tearing down and rebuilding. We can double the size of a house in practically no time. It will look as though it were a tear down and rebuild job, without all the effort.

Stunning Homes

When a modular home addition is done properly, it will look seamless and stunning. People who had not seen your home before the remodel will most likely not be able to tell the new modular space apart from the existing structure. You can use this to your advantage because a modular home addition requires much less time, mess and money. You’ll have the space you need in no time and be able to keep the same location, and upgrade the look. A modular addition will elaborate on the existing home, making it look remarkable.

Do you need a modular addition made to your home? Give us a call today at 703-550-8711 or contact us.

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