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Modular Home Construction Process

We talk a lot about the difference in construction processes between more traditional, stick-built homes and modular homes – but what does the Carbide Construction modular home construction process actually look like? Here are the 8 steps standing between you and your modular home in Northern Virginia! These steps may vary slightly from project to project, so for any specific questions, give us a call.

1. Land/Lot Development

Before you can move forward with a modular home, you first need to have somewhere to put it. This first step could include a number of different pieces depending on whether you already own the land or are setting out to find the perfect property.

If you don’t already own the property and are intending to place a modular home on it, we recommend clearing the title, conducting a site accessibility study, completing a perk/probe test, and having a land survey done prior to purchasing the land. That way, you know up front if something will stop you from placing your modular home on your new property.

2. Design, Paperwork, Development

Next, once you have your property and can place a modular home on it, you can start looking at designs! We have pre-made blueprints available, but we are happy to customize them to fit your needs. You will also need to sign contracts, secure financing, and pay the deposit.

Other pieces of this step include setting a target occupancy date, establishing a construction schedule, obtaining permits, applying for gas/electrical, and completing a site survey.

3. Foundation, Site Work

Now we’re ready to lay the foundation – literally. The site will be prepared, layout will be decided, excavation will be started, and then we can work on making sure the foundation is properly constructed and ready!

4. Site Preparation

As we finalize completion of your foundation, we will also begin removing obstacles for the crane and transporters and scheduling our crews!

5. Modular Home Setting

At this point, we are ready to deliver your modular home! When it arrives, we start by unwrapping it and checking inventory to ensure everything has arrived and is ready to set. Next, we can place your modular home on the foundation, fasten, and finish the remaining construction steps – including ensuring that your home is weather tight.

6. Exterior Finishing

As we reach the end of the project, we can finalize the exterior to guarantee it looks as expected! This includes completing siding, masonry, painting, installing shutters, chimney, gutters, downspouts, and building your porch, deck or patio.

7. Interior Finishing

Then we can complete all the necessary electrical, plumbing and HVAC work prior to painting and installing trim on the inside.

8. Closing

Finally, we’re ready to clean up and perform the walk-through and final inspection. Once this is completed there’s only one last step: moving in!

Are you ready to experience our modular home construction process in Northern Virginia firsthand? Call Carbide Construction for more information today at 703-550-8711 or contact us!

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