The Many Benefits of Adding an In-Law Suite

One of the latest trends in remodeling and home additions has got to be the in-law suite. An in-law suite is an area transformed into a living space for your parents or your in-laws. It makes one of the greatest, most meaningful gifts for aging parents. Although some may say that it is hard living with an aging parent, an in-law suite addition allows more space for everyone for a more comfortable and harmonious living situation. At Carbide Construction we specialize in in-law suites for Arlington and have worked on our fair share of them. That’s why we’d like to tell you more about them and provide you with a few of our favorite benefits to having them built.

Modular Home Addition Bathroom Springfield

In-law suites provide a private living area within a house. Some may be as simple as a separate room and bathroom, while others are more like an apartment with a separate entrance, full kitchen and living area. A good design team like those at Carbide Construction can even help you predict the needs of your loved ones. This goes more than just the usual bed and shower. You will also be given other ideas to think about too like considerations for their hobbies. Does Grandpa need a workshop? Does Grandma need an art studio? A space like this can be a great feature on your in-law suite design.

One of the main reasons people choose to add an in-law suite is the square footage it adds to the existing home. This additional footage is not only useable, but anyone can benefit from having the extra living space. Another is peace of mind knowing that their elderly parent is close by if they need help.

An in-law suite allows you to be closer to your parents while still providing privacy for all. It can resemble a small apartment, allowing older adults to enjoy their privacy and independence in a safe environment.

If your parents aren’t necessarily ready to move in just yet, an in-law suite can be used for many things until they are. This extra space is quite versatile. And, one of the best benefits of adding an in-law suite is the value it can add to your home. Room additions increase the value of your home due to the added space and additional luxury it adds to your current home.

With an in-law suite from Carbide Construction, you will get a fully finished space as a modular addition. As always the plan can be customized to meet your specific needs and to work with the space available. By going with a modular addition rather than a stick-built addition, you will save time and money on construction.

Are you ready to add an in-law suite onto your Arlington home or want more information about the process? Call Carbide Construction at 703-550-8711 or Contact Us.

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