Defining & Designing the Right Prefab Home for You

If you’ve been looking into different types of manufactured homes, then you will quickly learn there are several different types of options out there. It is important you find the right home and the right contractor for your unique needs. As the experts in prefab homes for Arlington and the entire area, we would like to define prefab homes for you as well as tell you about their many wonderful benefits.

prefab homes Arlington

First, what is a prefab home? A prefab home is designed to minimize both cost and waste. Prefab homes are also held to the very same building codes and standards as stick built homes but offer many unique benefits that stick built homes simply cannot offer. Prefab homes are generally seen as sturdier and energy efficient than almost any other type of home available today. This is due to the fact that they are built to be able to withstand being transported to the construction site.

One of the main advantages of prefab homes is that they generally do not have the same scheduling delays as stick built homes. And, because prefab homes are built in a factory, there is no need to worry about the weather delaying the construction project.

The prefab homes of today have also come along way since the manufactured homes of yesteryear; you can choose prefabs of all shapes and sizes, and the technology has evolved to support a more savvy homebuyer with high expectations for the way their home integrates into their world.

While manufactured homes come with standard features like every other home, these homes are easily customizable and are available in a huge variety of floor plans. Prefab lends itself a little more to contemporary homes because of the clean lines, but you’re not limited to that style. 

When you choose a prefab home you can work with us, your builder, to design the right home for you that includes all of the features you want or require; from bay windows to ADA compliant hallways. There are so many reasons to choose prefab homes! There’s really no limit to what you can build with prefab homes! And, they’re great for the environment too. Prefab homes are built in a factory and because these homes are built in this type of setting, there is less waste when building them and not as many construction materials left over to go into landfills. 

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