Top Questions About Modular Second Story Additions

Looking to transform not only the overall look of your home but increase its square footage as well? Not interested in a long, drawn-out and disruptive building process? A modular second level addition is your answer. It is the best way to increase your home’s square footage without a major inconvenience to your and your family. And, they look great too! But if you’ve never had one built before, you likely have many questions about them and how they work. As the experts who can build your second level addition in Alexandria, Arlington or any of the surrounding areas, we’d like to tell you more about them and answer some of the questions we’ve received about them.

Q: What is the benefit of having my second level addition built offsite? 

A: Nearly doubling your home’s square footage is extremely nice when it’s over, but it can come with a price if it is stick built. No one wants to suffer the ravages of turning one’s house upside down while enduring a stick built construction. Families have to stay in another location like at a hotel for the duration of the project for a stick build; not so with a modular second level addition.  Since a modular addition is built offsite in our warehouse, your family can stay in your home for the duration of the project! This is not just convenient, you will save a bundle of money on hotel stays you may have needed if you chose a stick built addition.

Q: Do I have to do full second level addition or can I do a partial one? Like adding a new master bedroom and bath as second story space above the garage?

A. With a modular second story addition, you can do it either way. Take a look at our before-and-after gallery to see some examples of the different kinds of additions we’ve worked on. We build modular homes and modular additions for homes of all shapes and sizes. A modular second level addition is also completely customizable and can be made to match the rest of your home.

A: Is a modular second level addition really better for the environment?

Q: Yes, what you’ve heard is true! Modular is the green choice in home additions. Few building materials are wasted and because the additions are factory-made, they are more tightly constructed to withstand being transported to your home; meaning more energy savings.

Still have questions? For more information about a second level addition for your Alexandria area home, call Carbide Construction today at 703-550-8711 or you can Contact Us.

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