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Why are Prefab Homes so Environmentally Friendly?

At Carbide Construction, we specialize in prefab homes in Alexandria and the surrounding areas. We are often asked why these types of homes are so environmentally friendly. What makes them different from traditionally built homes in that sense? Here are a few reasons prefab homes are the eco-friendly choice.

Less Waste

Prefab homes are built in a factory. And because these homes are built in this type of setting, there is less waste when building them. Any waste that is left over is reused for other projects, so there are not as many construction materials left over to go into landfills. And when extra materials are used to build the home, this results in a stronger, more tightly built home.

Tightly Built

When prefab homes are built in a factory, they must be more tightly built and put together in order to withstand the transportation process. This does more than just protect the home from the bumps along the road from the factory to the construction site! This also means the prefab home will not allow as much air flow in and out of the house, which means the home could be less expensive to heat in the winter or cool in the summer.

No Weather Delays

Because prefab homes are built in a factory, there is no need to worry about the weather delaying the construction project. Your home will still be worked on no matter what the weather outside is like. Not needing to worry about time delays means your home will be built on schedule as promised. And fewer delays means construction equipment and materials will not be sitting around on your job site for any longer than what they need to be.

You could be in your prefab home, decorating and getting unpacked and moved in, in just a few short months. And the faster you are in your home and getting situated, the faster the land around the job site can recover. You can get trees, shrubs and other plants planted in the ground sooner, which will also make Mother Earth happy.

As you can see, there are several Earth-friendly reasons you should look into prefab homes! You can get the home you have always wanted and still be environmentally friendly.

If you would like more information about prefab homes in Alexandria and the surrounding areas and why they are so environmentally friendly, call us at Carbide Construction at 703-550-8711 or you can Contact Us.

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