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What are Manufactured Homes & What Makes them Special?

May is National Home Improvement Month, so why not go the extra mile and begin the process of building an entirely new home?! With manufactured homes, it’s a whole lot easier than you might think. As builders of manufactured homes in Springfield, the experts at Carbide Construction would like to discuss some of the many… Read more »

Addition Decision: What Makes Modular the Right Choice for You

When you consider adding a new wing to your home or an entire second story, it is important to educate yourself before deciding what’s right for you. Modular additions are similar to traditional home additions in many ways, and it is important to learn about their many benefits. Modular home additions are continuing to grow… Read more »

Designing Your New Modular Home

As a modular home builder in Springfield, Arlington, Alexandria and the surrounding areas, we have helped many people like you who are in the process of designing their new modular home. So what are a few things you should think about and decide on while you are in this stage of the planning and building… Read more »

Why are Prefab Homes so Environmentally Friendly?

At Carbide Construction, we specialize in prefab homes in Alexandria and the surrounding areas. We are often asked why these types of homes are so environmentally friendly. What makes them different from traditionally built homes in that sense? Here are a few reasons prefab homes are the eco-friendly choice. Less Waste Prefab homes are built… Read more »

A Guide to Cost-Efficient & Green Modular New-Build Projects

One of the biggest benefits of modular new-build projects in Northern Virginia is that every aspect of the home can be carefully considered before it is included in the design. Green building, the concept of reducing our carbon footprint through using renewable energy in our homes, can easily be incorporated within the design. With the right… Read more »